Voices of the Great War

Editorial 1914
This editorial appeared in December 1914 issue of the Shepherd Picket.  This was the first year of the war and the author makes a mention to the European powers in turmoil. He hopes for continued peace a prosperity in the United States. It is read by Mark Teunis.

The Two Calls
This poem appeared in an issue the Shepherd Picket in 1916 from the college’s Y.M.C.A. It is likely a reaction to the military unpreparedness of the United States seen in the Poncho Villa expedition that year. It is read by Matthew Mocniak.

To Those Who Left Us
After the outbreak of war in 1917 the Shepherd College administration decided to allow farmers to leave school to help with the issue of rationing.  This poem appeared int he May 1917 issue of the Picket in support of the Farmers. It is read by Allison Church.

Stars of Gold
Following the war the Shepherd College community, much like many small community in the United States was devastated by the price of war.  This poem by Waitman Barbe was dedicated to West Virginia University men who fell but appeared in the March 1919 issue of the Shepherd Pickett. It is read by Allison Church.

Our Country’s Peril
Amidst the first Red Scare that followed the First World War with the rise of the Soviet Union this poem appeared in an issue of the Shepherd College Picket. It was written by Jason Wolford and is read by Jimmy Horn.